Changer Docs


Could the price be bad compared to the market?

Yes. The suggested price comes from a decentralized exchange, and depending on market conditions, the price may be very different from the price you are looking for. This phenomenon occurs in virtual assets that do not have abundant liquidity, and the discrepancy increases when the amount you want to trade is relatively large. If this happens frequently, reducing the transaction amount will often result in a better price.

The asset I want to trade is not listed! How can I add it to the exchange?

When you insert the asset you want to trade, if there is no corresponding asset, it will be displayed like the following image.
To enable a token, click on the “Tell us now” button below, we will add the asset as soon as possible given there is no problem with the specific asset.

Are there any assets that cannot be traded/listed?

If the token is not traded on any decentralized exchanges, it cannot be traded on Changer Convert as well. In this case, the project is available to trade on Changer once it has been listed on a decentralized exchange.