Changer Docs


Does Changer Swap always offer the best prices?

Changer Swap usually offers the most competitive prices all the time. However, there may be moments where other DEX aggregators may offer better prices. With additional improvements underway, we anticipate our exchange rates to be more attractive day by day.

Are CeFi prices also linked?

No. Changer Swap is only tied to DEX prices. We plan to consolidate CEX prices during the first half of 2022.

What is the difference between Changer Pro and Changer Swap?

Changer Pro is a trading environment that has integrated CEX prices by connecting exchanges and OTC markets. You can think of it as an off-chain trading environment. Hence no fees need to be paid to the blockchain and transactions are completed faster. However, you must first deposit your assets into Changer Pro's wallet just like on a regular CEX exchange in order to trade. After completing the transaction, you must also apply for a withdrawal if you wish to withdraw your tokens. It differs from Changer Swap in that KYC is also required.
Changer Swap is an on-chain trading environment that integrates DEX prices. All transactions are made on the blockchain. You must connect a blockchain wallet to participate in a transaction, and a gas fee for every transaction needs to be paid to the blockchain. Without any pre-deposit or withdrawal application requirements, you can exchange tokens in your wallet and withdraw the desired tokens and KYC is not required.
Depending on the needs or circumstance of the user, you can freely go back and forth between Changer Swap and Changer Pro. Starting 2022, Changer Swap and Changer Pro will be sharing their optimal prices so that users can trade at the best price in both CEX and DEX markets using any one of the two, whichever is more convenient.