Changer Docs

User Guide

Open and connect your wallet. Our product currently supports Metamask, WalletConnect and Coinbase Wallet.
Select the tokens you wish to swap from the “From” and “To” sections.
When you click on “Token Name”, a default list of tokens will appear as below. Don’t worry if you can’t find the token you want. As Changer Swap consolidates liquidity of all tokens, you can purchase any of them at the lowest price available. Let’s find out now how to add tokens that are not on the default list.
So first, go into CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko and click the question mark button on the right to search for the token you wish to swap.
For the purpose of demonstration, let’s buy OCEAN. Here, click the Copy Address button next to Contracts: Ethereum on the lower left-hand side. Once clicked, the message “Copied!” will appear.
Paste the address you just copied into the token search bar in Changer Swap. Changer Swap will automatically recognize the token. Then, select OCEAN.
You will see a message stating that the token is not one of the default tokens on Changer Swap. Confirm this and click Import.
Now you’re ready to swap OCEAN tokens. Enter the amount you wish to swap and click the Swap button.
Check the final amount and click Confirm Swap.
When your Metamask wallet opens, check the gas fee and approve the transaction.
When the transaction is approved in the wallet, the following pop-up screen will appear. Select “Add OCEAN to Metamask” and OCEAN will be automatically added to your wallet.
Click “Add Token” to register OCEAN tokens in your wallet before they are transferred to your wallet upon the completion of the transaction.
When the transaction starts to be processed, a pop-up screen will be displayed with the order details. In this demonstration, the trade was 2 ETH for 8,612.59 OCEAN.
You can wait roughly 30 seconds to a minute, or simply close the browser. As the transaction has already been sent to the blockchain, all you have to do is wait. The OCEAN tokens will come into your wallet eventually.
After some time, you can run your Metamask wallet and see that the tokens have come in.
If you do not receive the tokens after waiting for more than 10 minutes, it means that the transaction has failed due to low gas fee or slippage. In this case, you have to retry the transaction.
Congratulations! You have successfully completed a token swap transaction on Changer Swap.