Changer Docs


Changer Pro is the world's first Crypto OTC Aggregator.
By connecting over-the-counter (OTC) exchanges around the world, it enables users to trade cryptocurrency at the most competitive price worldwide. Both businesses and individuals can use it.
Until now, retail investors have had access only to the exchanges. The OTC market is an enterprise-only trading market, mostly accessed by large companies like Tesla for trading Bitcoin. Changer Pro is connected to almost all of the OTC markets worldwide. This gives even the retail investors access for the first time to most abundant liquidity and competitive prices in the OTC market.
During the first half of 2022, Changer Pro will also launch the trading of stablecoins that track the lowest DEX prices offered by Changer Swap and various fiat currency prices. This will enable Changer users to trade any asset of their preference at the world’s best price regardless of the type of market like CEX, OTC, and DEX.