Changer Docs

User Guide

Membership Registration and Transaction

Please sign up at Changer Pro.
When you log in for the first time, you will see the trading box. You can add more trading boxes by selecting “Add New Trading Pair” in the upper left corner.
Let's take a look at the trading box. Below is a box for trading BTC/USDT. 1 BTC in the center is the amount to be traded. You can select the amount you wish to trade or use the plus/minus button to adjust the desired trading amount.
(If the trading amount is too large, the system may reject pricing-offering for risk management, and display an error message. If you wish to complete transactions of larger trading amounts, we can temporarily increase your transaction limit. Please contact us at [email protected]).
The trading prices are displayed on the SELL and BUY buttons below the widget. For demonstration, the current price for selling 1 BTC is 54244.00 USDT, and for buying 1 BTC is 54261.98 USDT.
The system will require you to click the SELL or BUY button twice (to prevent trade-related mistakes) to carry out the transaction. If you click the button once, the price will be emphasized as shown below.
Here, if you want to sell 1 BTC, click the SELL button, and to buy 1 BTC, click the BUY button once more.
So by pressing the BUY button here, 1 BTC has been successfully bought at 53,977 USDT. Changer Pro does not have an order book nor pending orders. As soon as the trade button is pressed, the trade will be executed at the market price. As these are market prices, they may slightly differ from the prices shown prior to trading.

Identity Verification and Deposit/Withdrawal

The rest of the procedures and processes are similar to an exchange. You must first deposit assets to be able to trade. In order to make deposits, you will need to first complete identity verification.
Identity Verification
After verifying your identity, you can have a wallet issued and deposit your assets.
Changer Pro is different from exchanges in that you don't need to hold BTC to sell BTC. It converts all of your assets to their current USDT value and accepts them as collateral for your account. Hence regardless of whether the asset in your wallet is ETH or BAT, if the current value is equivalent is $100,000 USDT, you can sell BTC or DOT within the limit of $100,000 USDT (collateral amount) despite not holding any BTC in the wallet.
If you look at the current balance on the right in the transaction screen below, ETH is -103.002 and EOS is -1.000. These are what the user needs to repay to Changer Pro. In this case, the user sold tokens in advance using their collateralized asset.
So the user will then need to deposit 103.002 ETH and 1.000 EOS into their Changer Pro wallet within the settlement time of 7:00 AM UTC (the negative balance is settled once a day, and in the bottom right corner of the screen, you can see how much time is left until the next settlement time).
If assets of the negative balance are not deposited within the next settlement time, Changer Pro will automatically sell the user’s assets with a positive balance to eliminate negative balances in ETH and EOS.
If there is an outstanding negative balance, the user cannot withdraw any tokens until the negative balance is resolved.
Please keep in mind that for accounts with a negative balance, the system will automatically sell the assets of positive balance to eliminate the negative balance once a day at 7AM UTC. Make sure to check the Next Settlement Time in the lower right corner.
All token withdrawals in Changer Pro are processed once a day, not in real time. When the user's balance becomes positive after the settlement time, the withdrawals that have been requested in the past 24 hours will be processed in batches (withdrawal requests compiled until 8AM UTC every day are processed by 10AM UTC).
However, if the amount of assets available for withdrawal after settlement is less than the amount requested, the withdrawal will be automatically canceled.