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Deposit Method

Deposit assets to the Changer

You can deposit your assets in 4 steps.

Select assets to deposit

There are two way to deposit on Changer.
First, you can deposit through "Balance" located on the right side of Changer’s trading screen.
Balance on the right of the main trading screen
Second, you can deposit through by entering Wallet page on the top of the website.
Wallet Items
Both methods are ways to safely deposit your assets into your Changer wallet.

Creating a wallet address within Changer account – ex) Ethereum (ETH)

Let’s find out how to deposit Ethereum (ETH) into Changer.
When you click ETH (Ethereum) Deposit, the screen below will show up.
Wallet – The screen appears when ETH Deposit is selected
There is no ETH wallet address in this Changer account, so the description as shown on the upper right will come up.
You need to create your wallet address for your first deposit.
Press the ‘Yes, please’ button to create your own wallet address as shown below.
Creation of ETH Deposit customer’s wallet address complete
Your Ethereum (ETH) wallet address, along with your QR code and string address, has been created. You can copy the string by pressing the paper icon located on the right. Then you can conveniently paste the string onto the ‘Recipient’s ETH Address’ wherever you are sending your assets from. You can deposit as much as you want to your wallet address from your Ethereum wallet or your exchange wallet.
Please check the Ethereum wallet address network provided by Changer at ERC-20 In Point.

Deposit to selected wallet address – ex) Import ETH from Binance

Let’s look at how to deposit your assets to the Changer wallet through one of the largest centralized exchange, Binance.
Login into your Binance account and click on the wallet on the upper right to enter your account wallet.
On the upper left, select Fiat and Spot Account under the wallet overview, or select Fiat and Spot Account under the expected balance in the middle.
After searching Ethereum, select withdraw from the action items of ETH (Ethereum).
Please check again that the coin to send is ETH and check the ETH address and transmission network of the recipient on the right. You can paste the wallet address created in Changer into ‘Recipient’s ETH Address.’ You need to select ERC-20 for the transmission network. The wallet address provided by Changer only uses the ERC-20 network, so do not select any other networks (BNB, BSC, etc.).
Enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to deposit into your Changer account and submit it to complete the transaction.

Deposit Complete

Wallet with a complete deposit
Deposit completed account (This is an example account deposited with USDT.)
Main trading screen with complete deposit status
Start trading at Changer with your account!
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