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Trading at Changer

Add Trading Box

Actual trading takes place on a ‘trading box’ arranged like a chessboard as shown on the screen above. You only have 3 trading cards when you join for the first time. In that case, click the ‘Add New Trading Pair’ button in the upper left corner to add the card you want to trade with. When the screen below appears, you can select a trading pair to check the price and add it.

Execute trade on the Trading box

The details of each trading box are shown below.
Trading Card Details
Let’s take a closer look. The ‘BTC/USDT’ at the top indicates the composition of trading pair. This is the trading pair that exchanges USDT and BTC. The currency marked at the front is the currency for trading, and the currency in the back is for payment. In this case, the trading pair uses USDT as payment currency to trade BTC.
‘100 USDT’ just below refers to the trading quantity. You can select the amount you wish to trade or use the plus/minus button to adjust the desired trading amount. You can trade up to 1,000,000 USDT at once.
The real-time price shown in red on the left and blue on the right indicates the price of buying and selling BTC when trading. When you double-click the price on the left, you can sell 100 USDT worth of BTC at 58,240.2 USDT price, or when you double-click the price on the right, you can buy 100 USDT worth of BTC at 58,378.1 USDT price. (BTC buying, USDT selling).
Would you like to do a real trade?
If you click on the trading price, the background color of the card will change to emphasize it again.
If you click on the price one more time, the order goes through and the result will be shown.
Changer is not an exchange, but a price comparison service that connects various exchanges. Changer aims to be a currency exchange bank within the field of digital assets. When we visit banks to exchange money, we can’t ask the bank teller to wait until the rate reaches 1,000 KRW/USD before exchanging money. Just like we have to exchange according to the rate determined by the bank, a real-time exchange rate is always announced around the clock at Changer, and the users have to buy or sell according to that exchange rate. (Of course, the price is excellent because we take prices from worldwide and compare them.)
That’s why the trading window is very simple. After entering the quantity you want to trade, you can look at the price, and then press the Trade button to proceed with the trade.

Check Trading History

Below is an example of a trader's screen who is actively trading at Changer. When a trade has been made on the trading card, the ‘Recent Trades’ below displays the latest trade results from the top. If it’s displayed on Recent Trades, it means that the trade has been successfully completed and the desired currency was bought or sold.
If you want to see more trading history, you can click on the ‘View all’ button on the right side of the Recent Trades title or click on the ‘History’ button on the top menu to view the entire trading history.
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