Changer Docs


The CNG Tokenomics

"Liquidity is Everything"

The key to success in the digital assets space lies deeply with liquidity. As a protocol addressing liquidity, Changer Protocol will implement the following with regards to CNG tokens.

1. Continuous CNG Liquidity Expansion Using Changer’s Revenue

Changer Protocol consists of two versions: the on-chain version Changer and the off-chain version Changer Pro.
The revenue described in the Business model section in the Master Plan will be generated over time. From these revenues, we will use surplus profits, excluding operating costs, to purchase the maximum amount of CNG-ETH or CNG-USDT LP tokens from Sushiswap and expand the liquidity of CNG tokens.
This will contribute to increasing the liquidity and influence of CNG in the crypto ecosystem, especially within the DeFi ecosystem. It is also essential to ensure the stability of eToken issuance and burning with CNG as collateral.

2.Expansion of CNG Liquidity Using Forex-Crypto Price Oracle Fees

The oracle most actively referred to is Chainlink, which offers crypto price feeds typically in US dollars. Crypto prices based on currencies like EUR and GBP are severely limited. As the DeFi 2.0 includes advanced financial service, the blockchain ecosystem’s demand for crypto prices in foreign currencies will increase.
By 2022, Changer will provide token price data in 9 different currency pairs through Chainlink; and provide them to major blockchains such as Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, HECO Chain, Fantom, Harmony, Solana, and Terra.
As other blockchain uses our data, Changer will be able to yield LINK tokens in the future. These LINK tokens would be utilized to further deepen our liquidity pool.

3. Collateral for eToken Issuance

As the liquidity of the CNG token increases, Changer plans to use CNG as a common collateral asset that can issue and burn eTokens which are the forex currency-pegged stablecoins issued by Changer. (eTokens have already been introduced in the Changer Master Plan.)
It will operate similarly to DAI using ETH as collateral. eTokens collateralized with CNG will be developed to follow various forex currencies, unlike DAI which is pegged only to the US dollar.
Through this, large amounts of CNG will undergo staking on our protocol for eToken issuance, which will create a deflationary circulating volume.
If you can deal with CNG anywhere, that is the power of currency and the ultimate buying power. Based on the characteristics of the Changer protocol, which integrates the liquidity of all digital assets around the world, Changer seeks to secure abundant liquidity in the Crypto ecosystem and become a vital digital currency.

4. Real Rewards with More Buying Power

As it becomes a digital currency with abundant liquidity (= buying power) around the world, CNG will be offered to users of the Changer ecosystem as rewards for continuously trading on Changer.
Changer aims to increase the liquidity of CNG, which in turn acts as an incentive to increase the strength of the Changer ecosystem. Ultimately, it will create a virtuous cycle that will continue to increase the liquidity of CNG.