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As of February 2, 2020, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market topped $1T.
Market Drivers
Position in Korea
Overlapping Market Opportunities

Generational Shift

Demographically, Millennials in the US, as well as those in Korea, represent strong interest in Bitcoin as an asset class. In 2021, with COVID’s impact on the world economy, Bitcoin has witnessed rapid growth in market cap.
By the close of 2020, major institutional and corporate interests had begun to make newsworthy moves into the asset class, led by organizations such as Microstrategy, Paypal, and Square. Grayscale Bitcoin Trust outranked traditional equities like Netflix, Berkshire Hathaway, and Microsoft, in a survey conducted by Charles Schwab in December 2019.
Among South Korean Millennials, 3 in 10 invested in cryptocurrencies during the 2017 period. Korea Marks Significant Volumes
First Ecosystem Builder in Korea As a visible, well publicized crypto company in South Korea, Chain Partners stands to gain significant market share over the near- to mid-term. With the CEO & founder having held the inaugural seat as crypto policy advisor in the Korean presidential technology commission and a widely read blog shaping industry opinion, Chain Partners is well suited for leadership in the industry for years to come.
Real Synergy Inside and Outside Korea Unlike other players in the Korean crypto industry, such as crypto exchanges or protocols, Chain Partners has entered multiple market opportunities with a comprehensive portfolio of services. This is significant from an investor perspective because the company is capable of producing complementary revenue streams, in addition to timely exits or pivots as market conditions develop rapidly.