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Leading Crypto Finance Institution Worldwide

What does the future hold?

"By 2030, Chain Partners is a leading crypto finance institution that opens financial products to everyone so that they may build a more sustainable, prosperous future." - Charles Pyo, CEO

Beginning in the Korean institutional market, Chain Partners is best positioned to work with banks and securities firms on major initiatives like ETFs, institutional lending, robo-advising, and regulation compliant financial services.
Chain Partners envisions participating in the emerging global crypto-finance ecosystem by contributing high performance trading experiences, deep liquidity, and user-friendly apps and services as required by a wide range of active traders and financial institutions.

Why is this possible?

Momentum Chain Partners began during the exciting 2017-18 cryptocurrency market rise; and then thrived through the bear market of 2019 and the challenges of COVID in 2020. The company has proven to itself and others it has the committment needed to make an impact far beyond tomorrow.
Partners Unlike any crypto exchange company, Chain Partners has built ties across the global crypto- and fintech landscape. This includes peer level relationships with founders at blockchain protocols, with regulators and policy setters shaping licensing and new laws, investment firms, with technology providers--and the list goes on.
Technology and Team As a brand that combines the prestige of an old financial titan, but with a young tech startup way of operating, Chain Partners has always attracted the best engineering and business talent in the industry.
Did you know? CEO Charles Pyo was the inaugural member representing blockchain on the Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a national policy group on future industries. 2021 has seen further growth in Chain Partners' ties to policy leaders and influential decision-makers at major banks and securities firms. These collaborations are necessary for new products like crypto ETFs to reach the market.