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Chain Partners has been able to innovate widely in the blockchain industry because of significant capital invested by major backers

The company received Seed, Series A, and crowdfunding totaling investments of $14 million
  • Seed capital from Li Xiaolai, the Chinese bitcoin billionaire turned investor
  • Series A amount of $11M was a record amount for 2018 startups in Korea, and this was a strong signal of support by Korean venture capital firms DSC Investments, Capstone Partners, Smilegate, Premier Partners, Kolon Investments, and Nvestor
  • In late 2019, Silicon Valley-based Republic Advisory Services was tapped to lead its fundraise targeting institutional investors in the US via a Reg (D) private placement. While postponed, Republic remains in play for a future role in this initiative
  • In 2020, a public crowdsale raised $300,000 in an oversubscribed demonstration of Korean retail interest and support
Now, having increased its investor network from Singapore to Silicon Valley, the company plans a new equity raise on or before Q3 2021 on the strengths of CNG and
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