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Track Record

Unlike any other crypto finance company

In the first year of Chain Partners, the company launched a suite of crypto financial apps and services, with most being the first entrant on the field, which blended proprietary technology and creativity to help users trade, manage, and spend their crypto. Altogether it was the first attempt at building an ecosystem of crypto finance not just in Korea but anywhere on the planet.
Chain Partners 2017-19

Chain Partners pursued four areas of development:

1. Trading Technology

Daybit was the world’s first high performance spot cryptocurrency exchange coded in elixir, a language used in high concurrency platforms like Whatsapp and Discord. In addition to a state-of-the-art trading engine, Daybit was the only crypto exchange in Korea that built a native custody solution and wallet. Peak trading volume of $5B without incident occurred during the most active period of its operation in 2018.

2. Foundations for Institutional Business

As the first mover in this space, Chain Partners Digital Assets (CPDA) bundled several compliance-focused solutions to address the emerging institutional side of crypto. Coincare began providing private banking/concierge services to help high net-worth individuals acquire or sell bitcoin. The OTC desk opened a KYC compliant pathway for corporates to access larger deal sizes of bitcoin, along with KRW and USD on/off ramp support. CP Research generated regular analysis and market commentary for corporate readers on the Bloomberg Terminal.

3. User Experiences

Backed by Samsung Electronics accelerator, Coinduck was the first crypto payment solution bundled in the blockchain software bundle with an audience of four million Samsung Galaxy flagship devices. NOVA Wallet was a multi-cryptocurrency wallet highly regarded for its advanced UI and popularity among EOS dApp developers.

4. Investment and Mining

In 2018, Chain Partners made a number of seed investments in token projects aligned with the company’s goal of fostering an integrated ecosystem. Investments included: Caspian and Polymath, Meta exchange and others. Another investment in a BTC mining deal provided Chain Partners with both insight into and promising returns to explore future crypto mining business under appropriate market conditions.