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Changer eMoney

Current Market Challenge

In countries without established exchange partners for local currency, it is difficult to withdraw or use DFX currencies acquired through the DFX Gateway.

Solution by Changer

Changer will acquire an eMoney license in the EU to create eMoney for use within the Changer platform and enable fiat currency deposits and withdrawals using credit cards and account transfers. Changer eMoney will be exchangeable with DFX currency and cryptocurrency in real-time so that people can use Changer even in countries without fiat currency exchange partners. Prepaid cards linked to eMoney will also be created so that people can use them in daily life.


Paypal, Payoneer, Neteller, Skrill, etc. are all eWallet services that help you charge fiat currency using credit cards and bank transfers. They have obtained eMoney licenses in several countries, and customers are using their eMoney like cash at affiliated stores. Changer will also acquire eMoney licenses in select countries and provide customers with eWallets to charge or withdraw fiat currency.
To comply with regulations related to foreign exchange transactions, avoid money laundering concerns from malicious customers, and ensure the rights of exchange partners around the world, the DFX currency or cryptocurrency will not be directly exchangeable with fiat currency even after the acquisition of eMoney license. Nevertheless, the plan is to enable their exchangeability with Changer eMoney. That way, anyone who holds DFX currency or cryptocurrency on the Changer platform will be able to convert them to Changer eMoney and withdraw them in fiat currency at any time. When customers deposit fiat currency using credit card or account transfer, they will first have to purchase the license-based Changer eMoney and then convert them into DFX currency or cryptocurrency rather than purchasing them right away with their deposited fiat money.
It will take at least several years for Changer’s fiat currency exchange partners to be established worldwide. This is why (despite having to pay international money transfer fees) Changer will enable fiat currency deposit into and withdrawal from Changer’s eWallet anywhere in the world through interbank remittance networks such as SWIFT, Europe’s SEPA, and China’s CIPS.
Without the use of Changer eMoney, Changer will gradually establish a system that enables deposits and withdrawals of the DFX currency traded on Changer through bank partners in countries where their fiat currency is actually being followed. As what has been gained from the DFX Gateway transactions becomes easier to be exchanged with fiat currency, Changer DFX Gateway will be much better utilized and much more convenient.
Lastly, Changer will issue a prepaid card that is linked to the eMoney balance in Changer eWallet (not directly linked to DFX currency and cryptocurrency balance). This card will be branded Visa or Master based on the appropriate licensing. This way, people will be able to convert the various cryptocurrencies and DFX currencies they hold on the Changer platform to Changer eMoney, and use them for actual payments at countless number of online and offline affiliates around the world.
At this stage, people will conveniently use Changer eWallet, a highly liquid global e-wallet. The DFX Gateway linked to the Changer eWallet will become more active, enhancing liquidity and bringing Changer’s vision to connect the FX market and the cryptocurrency market a step closer.
As of October 2020, Changer has already formed partnerships with a significant number of intermediary banks for the prepaid card and will be able to swiftly provide such service as soon as the required license is secured.