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The term “cryptocurrency” was used in this whitepaper to refer to various terms used depending on the context such as digital assets, cryptocurrency, virtual currency, and crypto asset. It can be said that cryptocurrency’s nature as an asset has been more emphasized than as a currency due to the price volatility witnessed in the past. Based on several years of cryptocurrency-based business experience and research, Chain Partners concluded that the essential value that cryptocurrency brings to humanity will lie in its nature as currency. While Chain Partners did its best to include all its main ideas and reasons that support this in this masterplan, not all of them have been meticulously covered due to volume constraints. Chain Partners intends to further discuss this--and the reason why all the various used terms herein have been referred to as simply “cryptocurrency”-- in the future if given opportunities.
Cryptocurrency is not a fiat currency and carries risks of loss of principal upon investing. The contents of this whitepaper have been prepared to serve as a simple reference to future business plans under development. The plans stated herein may change at any time without prior notice due to market conditions and changes in the business strategy.
Changer’s CNG tokens are not equivalent to securities of any kind and do not grant any rights in respect of to services or operating entities. Investing in and trading CNG tokens always requires caution. Changer and Chain Partners neither guarantee the protection of the invested principal nor provide any financial guarantees. All responsibilities for the purchase and trading of tokens shall be borne entirely by the investor.
As for the contents of this masterplan, all efforts have been made to use objective data as much as possible and to cite the sources of information released by a third party such as illustrated in charts, data, market size, market shares, market situation, and transaction volume. The information has not been confirmed or verified by third parties. All corporate logos and images of software interfaces reproduced in this material are covered by copyright from their respective companies.
Changer’s service and CNG tokens/currencies may be subject to regulations on cryptocurrency and/or foreign exchange in different countries in the future. Changer’s service may be terminated or temporarily suspended in certain countries as a result. Trading of CNG tokens/currencies may be subject to temporary or permanent suspension likewise.
When found necessary by Changer or due to regulations, the legal operating structure and operating entity of Changer may change without prior notice to CNG token/currency holders despite the related statements in Chapter 3 of this masterplan. In addition, some or all of the relationship between CNG tokens/currencies and Changer’s service may change due to current and future regulations, government pressures, and customer issues in some countries.
Changer will, where applicable or required, obtain relevant licenses in countries deemed necessary. As it may be realistically difficult to obtain licenses in all countries in the world, Changer may refrain from offering its service in part or whole in some countries. For other possible risks, please refer to Chapter 3 - Risk Control in this document.