Changer Docs


2021. 1Q

Launch Changer Beta (Crypto-Crypto Trading)

2021. 4Q

Officially launch Changer Pro (CNG Exchange) and Changer Swap (DEX Aggregator)

2022. 1Q

CNG Currencies, Digital Forex Trading, CeFi integration, API open

2022. 2Q

Enhancement of Changer exchange rate by adding liquidity provider
Additional trading support of Crypto and CNG
Integrate DeFi liquidity to CNG Gateway

2022. 4Q

Launch SDK for cryptocurrency exchanges and payment gateways (PGs) in partnership (Changer for Exchange & PG)
Start operation of Stablecoin 1:1 Instant Swap Protocol

2023. 2Q

Launch Changer eMoney and fiat money deposit and withdrawal service
Enable exchange (integrate) between Changer eMoney and DFX currency

2024. 1Q

Launch Changer Prepaid Card

2024. 2Q

Launch Changer Transfer

2024. 4Q

Launch Changer Pay

2025. 1Q

Launch Changer Transfer for Corporate

2025. 2Q

Launch Changer Pay for Corporate